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Scene 1: Gabriel's Prouncement
Scene 2: Artaban's Story
Scene 3: Agoda Village - 1st of the Tryillias Festival


Scene 4: Inside the Temple
Scene 5: Outside the Temple
Scene 6: The Altar in the Village
Scene 7: Next Morning - Altar in the Village




(Scene begins with just a spotlight on Gabriel and none of the set can be seen. As Gabriel sings his recitative and aria we begin to see the stars of the night there is a special star burning brightly and rolling hills projected on a scrim revealing groups of sheepherders listening to Gabriel. The scene ends with a chorus of the sheepherders as they run off to find the Holy Child).


I Gabriel come from the Father
To bring thee tidings of peace and good will
For blessed are we that this night the father has made holy

This evening so special shines forth with God’s luminous grace
This evening so sacred flows with God’s abounding law
To the Alpha and Omega all praise and glory be

Fear not my friends by the father of our sky I’ve been sent
Tremble not, His love for you is great
Lift your head and eyes
In order you may know and understand my special message
I am Gabriel sent by the Father
The star you gaze at and reverently adore is a sign and symbol of God’s gift to you

The start’s light tells of God’s new covenant with the world
Sin and ignominy shall be washed away
The prophets of old foretold of a King to come in glory
They said he would descend
From the throne of the right hand of God

Unto thee Oh Jerusalem and the gates of Zion
His cup of blessing will be passed
So that all men may come to know the joys, of eternal salvation

Gloria In Excelsis



Hurry, hurry come and see
Come to view a star with me
The dark night’s blanket has been dispelled
By the scintillating light of a starry spell

Over hills and dales we’ve come
To fix our eyes upon the sight
Our God gave us this night

What could be the cause of such great joy?
Our spirits are moved by what we cannot see

Hurry, hurry come and see
Come to view a star with me
The dark night’s blanket has been dispelled
By the scintillating light of a starry spell





(A starry night and the special star that had been burning brightly in the last scene is still visible but faint).


A weary man am I
My gray beard is my friend
The stars of night my guide
Lead me special star to the holy place
Your promise once burned so bright
Now is faint
Is my pilgrimage in vain?
Far is home
A Magi’s life is but a dream
I was not born with privilege
Just a poor child with a gift to heal
I cured the King and he made me a Magi, a Magi
When I cure I sense a warmth and presence not my own
I am only a vessel
Thirty years ago I heard about a Holy Child
We went out to find Him
Bearing precious gifts
On the road I tarried
To heal a boy in need
I never found the Magi
I never found the Holy Child
My gift of jewels is gone
There was always someone to heal
A desperate person to help
My search will never end
Not here, not now
Love guides my life
Lord, take my soul (end of aria)

I vividly recall my days in the cursed village of Agoda

(this single line is sung from one of the stage’s wing as the set changes and the orchestra plays bridge music – as the scene begins the lights fade on Artaban and he exits).



(Day is beginning to break. On the center of the stage there is an altar set in the middle of the Agoda village. Villagers are busy decorating the altar with flowers and draping it with bright cloths.)


The day has arrived
Our festival will begin
All is quiet and calm
I feel a storm at hand
A change in the wind

Forton is everything prepared?

(enter Forton)            


The altar is built
A fire burns in front of the temple
Our gods await the names


Forton, the gods have revealed to me
The name of the child to be sacrificed


And who is the child?              


I give you the name of Tiaro
The only son of the widow Malika
She does not worship our gods
So the gods want to redeem her and her son
Go quickly
Fetch the sacred urn from the temple
On the top you will find a special compartment
Place Tiaro’s name in it
Let it remain there until I draw it from the urn

(Zadok hands Forton Tiaro’s name carved on a piece of wood)

FORTON:                                                                              ZADOK:

It shall be done
You are so powerful
The gods shine on you
You serve us well                                                                  Be steadfast Forton
Immortal life will be yours                                                      Be steadfast
When you join the gods remember your servant Forton


Worry not
The gods will place you by my side
Hurry now before the people come


Hail Zadok our priest

FORTON:                                                                  ZADOK:

Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival                                  To the urn go, go

(Zadok exits, Forton heads off to the temple to fetch the urn and place Tiaro’s name in it.

The sun has risen and the villagers have begun to arrive. The men of the village are off to one side of the stage drinking, while the women begin decorating the altar. Tiaro and the other children are running around on the stage playing freely)


Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival

Prepare the altar
Drape it with flowers
May my child be chosen?
To die for the gods

Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival

Zadok did teach us
Give the gods young blood
This sacrifice will yield
Life with the gods                

Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival


Today we will learn
The name of the child
We drink to forget
Demands of the gods

Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival

Our lives are ruled
By unseen forces
How can we know?
If Zadok speaks the truth

(During the chorus, Malika enters. By the end of the chorus, the women of the village are huddled in three groups of three. Malika walks up to each group of women but is shunned by all of them.)


Spare your child. These are false gods.


Blasphemy! Away with you.


These are false gods.


Blasphemy! Away with you.


Spare your child. These are false gods.


Blasphemy! Away with you.

Prepare the altar
Drape it with flowers
May my child be chosen?
To die for the gods

Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Tryillias, Tryillias, Tryillias Festival
Zadok did teach us to give the gods young blood
The sacrifice will yield life with the gods

Tryillias Festival



(The ballet begins. Dancers finish decorating the altar. Forton enters the scene carrying an urn. During the ballet he collects names of children carved on pieces of wood from the women. The ballet concludes with Forton placing the urn on the center of the altar. All the children, including Tiaro run to their mother’s side. Zadok enters and climbs to the top of the altar. He motions the crowd to be silent.)


Rejoice! Rejoice!
People of Agoda
The first day of Tryillias is here
Bend your will to the might of our gods
Pay homage and rejoice
A great moment is here
We will know who the gods have favored
Eternal life will be granted to them and their family

(Zadok reaches into the urn)

The gods have chosen…
Tiaro, son of Malika

(Forton snatches Tiaro from Malika’s side and carries him away. The chorus begins to sing, while Malika tries to be heard above the frenzy.)


Eternal life with the gods
Tryillias…Tryillias…Tryillias Festival            


Hear me, hear me
I never gave the name of my son
I never gave his name

(Zadok flees the altar. Malika collapses to the ground crying.)



(Zadok is inside a dark candle lit temple. The temple has large pillars and odd-looking statues are strewn all around. Zadok is lurking menacingly around the pillars. Malika enters and hears him but at first cannot see him. There is a crack of light flooding the stage indicating a door and path of Malika’s entrance. A stream of daylight follows her as she enters the temple. The light intersects and hits a pillar where Malika finds Zadock.)


Power is mine
The people are in my grip
Tiaro’s death will crush Malika
And order will return

(Malika enters the temple. She is disoriented by the pillars and statues. She keeps missing Zadok as he weaves in and out of the maze of pillars, statues, ,and candles, until her path finally crosses Zadok’s.)


Zadok priest of Agoda


How dare you enter the temple. What do you want woman?


The life of my son


I cannot change what the gods have decreed

MALIKA:                                                                  ZADOK:

Why do you speak of gods?

                                                             The gods rule Agoda                                                                You are not from here

You do not understand our ways

I speak of my innocent son                                        

                                                            He will please the gods

I am a widow
He is all I have
I beg you to spare his life

                                                                                    The boy must die

What has he done?  

                                                                                    You do not worship our gods

Will my son die for my beliefs? 

You are being punished

By your gods                                                                By my gods

Have you no mercy?                                                 My rule will not be broken

You do not serve your gods                                                The gods serve me

My God is just                                                              Woman, the world is godless

End your madness                                                           Might governs weak hearts

Spare my son                                                               Let your God save Tiaro (end duet)                                                                                                                                                           

(Zadok storms out of the temple. Malika falls to the ground grasping the side of a pillar. Zadok closes the door that was letting sunlight in the temple. Malika is left in the dark candle lit temple. Some brief interlude music gives the sense of the passage of time).


(It is nighttime. Malika has been praying in the temple and we hear her prayers.)


Night is falling, evil fills the air
Oh, Lord hear my prayer
Ease my aching heart
My soul yearns for you
Take away my fears
Still my sorrow
Take away my pain
God cast away doubts and
Strengthen my faith
Strengthen my faith and
Cast away evil
Come to my aid
Show your tender mercy
Have mercy
Grant me your peace
Hear my prayer



(Malika leaves the temple to head home. She spots Artaban walking into the village and runs up to him in an excited manner convinced he is the answer to her prayers. The set should include a brightly lit mooned night with clouds beginning to cover the sky and moon. A storm is slowly building).

MALIKA:                                                                  ARTABAN:

Are you the answer to my prayer                          What prayer dear woman?

                                                                                    I am a weary traveler in search of a child

It must be my child                            

                                                                                    Who is your child?

He is a child marked to die

Sacrificed in the name of monster rituals

Blood spilled for one man’s power

He is my son, my only, my all



                                    Who can ordain such terror?

Zadock, priest and ruler of Agoda

Who are you?                          

                                                                                    I am Artaban servant of peace

My son needs your help                                              I have little to offer

My love for him consumes my heart                             My heart was filled with hopes

Hate will destroy my sacrifices                                  Love gushes from me like a rushing river

I prayed to God                                                     I seek its source

My voice is mute                                                     I am an empty shell

I long for God’s embrace                                     I long for God’s embrace

My house will be empty                                              My sandals grow thin

My purpose will vanish                                             My jewels are almost gone

                                                                                    Yet still I heal

                                                                                    It is all I know

I surrender                                                                    Go home

What else can I do?                                                      Keep your faith

Lord have mercy                                                   Lord have mercy

May God protect my son                                      May God protect your son

(Malika leaves Artaban and begins to walk home. Artaban goes in search of Zadok. Curtain falls and an interlude of storm music is played while the set is changed.)



(A storm has begun building. Zadok is on the altar waving his dagger in the air as it casts eerie shadows from the storms lightening.).


Terror, terror of the night...Surround my village with your might....


What mutterings...Who goes there?


It is Zadok.  Leader of the people.  Commander of life and death.


Who gives you the right to take the life of an innocent boy?


Who gives you the right to judge my actions? 

ZADOK:                                                                     ARTABAN:

The light of your God?.......                                     The fear in your heart?......
Have you seen people's pain and despair?    
How can you tell me someone cares?                          I cannot dispel doubts and confusion.

But life for me is more than an illusion.

I rule their lives with force and terror                           
Sacrafice..ritual..and superstition

Dogma, and doctrines have no power

Love is my salvation and faith its vessel

I believe only what I see?                              

Show me the power of your brotherly love.              My love is finite but its source is infinite
Can your love make men bow to your will?                  It is not for me to command
Who can lead us and take our misery?             A new King has come
Damn be our lives                                                      He shall free us from death                           
Damn be our times                                                    He shall endure our wickedness
Let the storm rage                                                      He is God's sacrifice
The child shall die                                                        We shall live

Be gone                                                                        May you find peace 



(A fire outside the temple has been lit in preparation for the sacrifice. On the altar there is the large dagger, the one used by Zadok in the previous scene. It is standing upright in its sheath.)


One eye, one leg, one arm
These are my charms
If you must stare
I do not care
Day in day out
I will not pout
I laugh and play
And here I stay
Awaiting Agoda's special day
Tattered and maimed
I harbor no blame
Poor and deprived
I’m glad I’m alive
I eke out a living
By prancing and begging
I dance and sing
And act like a king

One eye, one leg, one arm
These are my charms
If you must stare
I do not care
Day in day out
I will not pout
I laugh and play
And here I stay
Awaiting Agoda's special day

Look a stranger approaches
Who comes this way?


I am Artaban. A Magi and healer far from home.


This is my day
The gods have been swayed
I wonder if he will
Cure me of my ills


Dear man what is your curse?


Murak is my name.
One eye, one leg, one arm
These are my charms
If you must stare
I do not care
Day in day out
I will not pout
I laugh and play
And here I stay
Awaiting Agoda's special day


Draw near. Let me heal you with my touch.

ARTABAN:                                                   MURAK:

May your eye see beauty                                I see the world rush forward

(Artaban places his hand over Murak’s eye. Realizing he is healed, Murak rips off the patch covering his bad eye.)

May your arm reach the sky                            Like a bird it flies. It reaches the sky                                    

(Artaban places his hand on Murak’s arm. Realizing he is healed, Murak playfully mimics the flight of a bird with his hand.)

May your leg carry you far                             I will leap to a star

(Artaban kneels down and places his hand on Murak’s leg. Realizing he is healed, Murak begins leaping.)

Blessed is he
That laughs at adversity
He shall inherit
A life free from strife

Blessed is he                                                     My eyes see beauty
That laughs at adversity                                   My arms reach the sky
He shall inherit                                      My legs leap to a star
A life free from strife                                         Life without strife

You are graced with new life
Bless are you                                                    Blessed am I
This very day                                                    This very day
Graced with new life                                     Graced with new life

(Singing off in the distance, Murak and Artaban hear the women of the village approach.)


We greet the dawn of Tryillias
We bow and sing to the force of gods
Today they will have their sacrifice
We shed our children’s blood
To appease their lust, avert their curse
Tryillias wash away our pains
Weave new webs of dreams and hope
Fill our year with peace
Grant us new life


Other approach, others approach
And now I am
Beyond reproach


Everyone look and see…
Two eyes, two legs, two arms
Murak has new charms
The gods have given him a chance
To move his arms and legs in dance 

WOMAN # 1:

Murak, how has this occurred?


Artaban has healed me.
It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle!


Ah, there is a god among us (the women sigh, and prostrate themselves in front of Artaban)
It is a sign… Murak go quickly, fetch our husbands. Show them the miracle.


Rise fair women
I am neither god nor priest


Then which god gave you such great power?

ARTABAN:                                                                            CHORUS:

None                                                                                        How can this be?

                                                                                                Only our gods have such power?

I do not worship your gods

                                                                                                How do you heal?                

Yes, I have a gift to heal

A gift that’s not my own
Like a mighty river it flows through me
My power to heal soars on wings of mercy
Although I cannot see Him
My God is one with all
His love is healing
Have your gods ever healed?
Have they given you a sign?                                          

                                                                                                We have no signs

                                                                                                There are no miracles

                                                                                                Only vague promises shrouded in ritual

Look Malika approaches…







I want to see my son before he dies


You should rejoice

He will be with the gods today


Our children will never see another dawn
Barren beds
Games and play give way to despair
Where is our purpose?
Have we lost our way?
Children are sacrificed.
Oh, why?
Cry with me…
Weep with me…
Tiaro is taken from me
Your children have been taken from you
Let sorrow’s voice be heard
Zadok’s claims are empty
His dagger drips with greed
We promote his power
We worship his lies
Do you not see?
Artaban bears peace.
His touch brings healing
We must open our hearts
We are mothers
Bound by love






Women embrace the love you know as mothers.





We are mothers

Woman #1 – Malika is right. Every day I grieve the sacrifice of my child.


All Women - We are empty without our children


Our husbands approach

(The men of the village begin to arrive. Murak is leading the way. They move in a fast and agitated but determined manner. Murak moves in leaps and bounds and the men hurry to keep up with him.)






Love is real. Fear not what lies beyond our knowledge

My son, Tiaro, I love you so

Our children, our children we are called to love our children

Zadok cannot heal  
Our gods do not heal Artaban is a sign.
Our ways must change Tiaro must be saved Zadok must be stopped



Zadok and Forton are here to begin the sacrifice.

(Zadok and Forton arrive on the scene. They are dragging Tiaro who has been gagged and cannot speak but is struggling to free himself from the grip of Zadok and Forton who are on either side of him. Unaware of the crowd’s mood change and the presence of Artaban they sing boisterously.

The chorus of men and women begin to create a wall blocking Zadok and Forton’s access to the altar. Artaban positions himself in front of the chorus to intercept Zadok.)


Tryillias, Tryillias, Our gods will be pleased.
Tryillias, Tryillias, Our gods will be pleased.
Tryillias, Tryillias, Our gods will be pleased.

FORTON:                                                                  CHORUS:

Who is this stranger?                                                          He is Artaban

                                                                                    He brings healing

                                                                                    He can produce miracles                       


Why do you block our way?                                     


He is no one. Push him away.

ARTABAN: (speaking to Forton)

Spare the boy’s life and I will give you this precious gem that was meant for a child.

(Artaban reaches into his tunic and produces a large sparkling gemstone.)









Your jewel is nothing to me

I have been promised eternal life with the gods and Zadok. You cannot bribe me with your wealth. The gods will have their sacrifice.




Give me the jewel

This jewel will buy your life. The gods will have their sacrifice.


Save mine son

Spare the boy

Spare the boy

Spare the boy

Save the boy


(Zadok reaches out and snatches the jewel raising it above it his head. When he finishes singing he stuffs the jewel in a pocket of his ceremonial cape and pushes Artaban to the ground.)







Give these people a sign. You and your gods are false.






Release my son

Give us a sign

Command the gods

Give us a sign


(The men of the village begin pressing in around Zadok chanting their demand for a sign.

Zadok single handedly drags Tiaro kicking and squirming to the altar. He reaches for the dagger on the altar. Forton follows right behind him).


Here is your sign,
I am your god
Pay homage to my might and my power.

(Because the boy is squirming, and Zadok is shaking with rage and fear, he is unable to control his aim and the dagger strikes Tiaro’s shoulder and not his heart.)





You have deceived us all.


You have deceived us


You have deceived us

(Forton unsheathes a dagger he is carrying and stabs Zadok. When he sees what he has done he runs out of the village. The men of the village pick up Zadok’s lifeless body and carry him to the temple fire and toss his body into the flames. Artaban and Malika and rush to Tiaro’s side, kneeling and holding the injured boy in their arms, and the women mill nervously around the altar.)






Holy child come.
When will I find thee?

My son will live
Praise be God 



Praise be God of Love and mercy

We are free from terror and infamy There must be a God of mercy For Agoda’s misery
We are free from tyranny


(Gabriel appears above the set but cannot be seen by the villagers. He carries a sword with flames held high above his head).





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